'For the purpose of those Awards we have adopted the entry rules and procedures of the Law Society of England & Wales.'

About Young Lawyers Awards Cyprus

Nominations for the 2017 Awards will open beginning of November 2017. 

- Entries must complete the online application which you can find here. 

- Shortlisted entrants may be asked to provide further information and to meet with representative of Rolesa (which is the organiser for those Awards) or any other institution Rolesa believes is eligible to judge the nominations;

- Shortlisted entrants will go through the process of public voting. 

- The judges will then decide for each category amongst the most popular and decide upon their discretion the final winner of each category. Judges decisions are final. 

- Not all awards advertised will be awarded if the judges consider the criteria have not been met. Additional commendations may be made at the judge's discretion. Any awards will be automatically rescinded in the event of the winner being struck off. 

-The content of any entry may be used for publicity purposes unless the entrant withholds their consent to this writing. Content submitted online may be accessible publicly through our website. The content and its publication must therefore be lawful and not confidential. 

-Entrants are deemed to have accepted these rules and procedure and to have agreed to be bound by them when entering this competition. 

-We regret that feedback cannot be provided on any individual entries. 

-By submitting your nominations, you are agreeing to be contacted by Rolesa with details of future Awards and others. 

-To help us manage and maintain the reputation of Young Lawyers Award you must inform us any negative media stories relating to  nominated person or practice that have occurred during 12 months preceding the Young Lawyers Awards ceremony. Negative publicity does not necessarily means that you entry will be disallowed, but if not disclosed your entry may be invalidated.  

- Diana Constantinidou, International Lawyer/Founder of Rolesa
“Young Lawyers Awards are the reflection of future by encouraging young and inspiring lawyers to continue creating positive change in their community”